About Our Patron

Posted by on Jul 27, 2013

About Our Patron

Feast Day – February 3rd

Saint Blase lived in the turn of the III/IV centuries. He was a doctor in Sebaste, Armenia, the city of his birth, who exercised his art with miraculous ability, good-will, and piety. When the bishop of the city died, Blase, having also studied philosophy in his youth, was chosen to succeed him, with the acclamation of all the people. His holiness was manifest through many miracles: from all around, people came to him seeking cures for their spirit and their body; even wild animals came in herds to receive his blessing. In 316, Agricola, the governor of Cappadocia and of Lesser Armenia, arrived in Sebastia under the order of the emperor Licinius to kill the Christians. Agricola arrested Blase, and as he was being led to prison, a mother set her only son, choking to death on a fish-bone, at his feet; the child was cured straight away. Nevertheless, the governor, unable to make Blase renounce his faith, had him beaten with rods, his flesh torn with iron combs, and finally beheaded.

Saint Blase is the patron of all people suffering from throat ailments.

Saint Blase, pray for us that we may not suffer from illnesses of the throat and pray that all who are suffering be healed by God’s love. Amen